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A brochure website is a concise way to showcase your business, highlighting key info on a few pages. Perfect for quickly guiding visitors to what they need!



Looking to sell products online? This website is your go-to for offering both physical and digital goods or services seamlessly over the internet.



Share your knowledge, experiences, or the latest news with your audience. I’ll craft a stunning blog tailored to your unique style.


A catalogue website showcases your products or services without the checkout hassle. Easy navigation makes it a key tool for turning browsers into buyers.

Brochure website







I’m Naghmeh

Web Designer

I’m a freelance web designer dedicated to offering businesses top-notch yet affordable services. With fewer overheads compared to traditional agencies, I provide competitive prices without skimping on quality. Browse my Fiverr profile for various services and packages. Contact me for a complimentary consultation, and together, we’ll create your perfect website. My positive client reviews underscore my commitment and expertise.

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WordPress powers over seventy-five million websites globally, accounting for 43% of all sites. It’s easy, potent, adaptable, and free. Major brands like Sony, GM, UPS, Forbes, CNN, Reuters, Samsung, and IBM trust WordPress for their blogs and websites. Leveraging WordPress as a CMS ensures my clients have an effortless time managing and updating their sites down the road.


In my affordable WordPress website design packages, while the functionality remains consistent, each design is uniquely tailored. I believe a website’s look and feel inspire trust, and user-friendliness is key to making an impact. I don’t do templates – I craft a custom, user-focused site because I genuinely care about your success.


The price quoted is the total amount you’ll pay, inclusive of all costs and taxes, ensuring there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses. Our transparent pricing policy aims to provide clarity and trust, ensuring that what you see is what you get. It’s as straightforward and honest as it gets.


I specialize in WordPress, a leading content management system (CMS) powering 43% of all websites. Fun fact: over 500 sites are crafted with WordPress daily. Using this CMS ensures my clients can effortlessly manage and update their websites moving forward.

Why choose me


 Top-notch designs that won’t make your wallet cry.

Web Wizardry

I’ve got the magic touch when it comes to web design.


Keeping your site fresh with the latest design trends.

Friendly Vibes

I’m as friendly as your favourite barista, but for websites!

Attentive Ear

I’m not just good with code; I’m a good listener too.

No Monkey Business

Clear pricing, clear communication, no bananas!

Happy Clients, Happy Life

I aim for smiles, not just satisfied nods.

Haven’t convinced yet?

If my abilities haven’t won you over, think about the potential when we work together.

How it works?

discuss the project

Design is easier
When you begin with a goal in mind

This is arguably the most important step when it comes to any web design process understand the business and its objectives.

DESIGN and develop

Design First, Then Code

This is where the fun part begins. I will create a custom prototype of your new website for you to easily offer feedback. Once the web design has been completed and approved by the you, I will code it into a high-performance WordPress site


Exciting Times Ahead: The Launch of Our Website!

Now is everyone’s favourite phase ,the launch! When the website is ready we will put it live, and let Google know you exist.


How much does a new website cost?

it depends!

Are there any other hidden costs for my website?



How long does it take to build a website?

Who knows!

Do I get to see the design before it’s built?

Definitely, just remember, peeking at a wedding dress might bring bad luck!

What if I don't like the website?

Google ‘How to love my website ‘!


Can I update the website myself once it’s built?

Absolutely,if you’re willing to take the risk with “Oops”!

May I see your reviews?


Spoiler alert: all five stars

Why do you answer questions so weirdly? It's not funny.

Oops, I’m sorry! Please see this page for more detailed answers.

I have another question?

Please ask

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